Mercy Rose Ministries
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Greetings and Welcome to Mercy Rose Ministries! The purpose of this outreach is to set forth in compelling, heart-capturing, readily understandable language, The Most Startlingly Beautiful Love the world has ever known; and to reveal aspects, glories, and divine truths about His person, and teachings, which are either unknown, seldom taught, little understood, or misunderstood by His children. And, thereby, to illumine the Way to an authentic, direct, personal, life-transforming encounter, and ongoing miraculous relationship with, to a surprisingly large degree, The Unknown Saviour of the World!


It is no secret, dear friend, few people are startled by 'His' teachings, anymore, and there is a profound reason for this! In Jesus' day, His hearers were repeatedly 'astonished at His doctrine' (Matt. 7:28, 22:33, Mark 11:18). Yet, what is taught about this most wondrous of all men, today, that astonishes hardly anyone? The answer is as clear as crystal: very little!

The Mission, and Calling, therefore, of this outreach is to bring to men's awareness Truths and Teachings long lost sight of by the world, allowing the Startling Message of God's Divine Son, His Only-Begotten Son, to shine forth, once again, in Its Pristine, All-Illuminating, Mankind-Freeing Brilliance, to the world! 

Non-sectarian in nature, this outreach is dedicated to presenting This Great and Glorious and Central Truth:

                                                                  The LIGHT -- was for All Time!
                                                                And The LOVE -- was for All Men!

Presented are Revelatory Insights and New Understanding about the heart, nature, and mission of the Gentle Carpenter from Galilee, given the author during periods of prayer and meditation. Allowing one to fathom, as never before, the Depths of the Deepest Heart. And to grasp more fully precisely why this Teacher of Forgiveness and Compassion was -- then, now, and always -- The Dawn of Redeeming Grace! And the Chalice of Love's Pure Light!

It is the sincere desire of the author that you will be greatly blessed by your contact with this ministry. Your comments and suggestions are wholly welcome, and appreciated!


                                'I AM the Rose of Sharon' (Solomon 2:1)  'I WILL have Mercy' (Matt. 12:7)


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