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Mack, by his own definition, is a 'Word Painter', who seeks to teach others through his writings, and audio recordings, about 'the Deep Things of God' (I Cor. 2:10). At once, you will perceive an unusual and rare beauty in his style, and profound insight and striking imagery in his words. Writing with poetic majesty, yet with elegant simplicity, he paints word pictures about the Lord of Life and related topics that captivate one's heart, draw in one's mind, and awaken a sense of awe and wonder in one's soul. He does all this, not only by his truly-original, thought-provoking, and compelling observations and insights, but also by the deep feeling of Love he imparts to his readers regarding their inestimable value, worth, and importance in God's Plan.

Though most have heard the traditional 'Gospel Message' in Its simplicity, His writings are meant to unveil aspects of the Fullness of the gospel of Christ, with special emphasis upon man's Oneness with God, and each other, the humanity of Jesus, His singularly unique Life Mission, and the All-Redeeming nature of His Divine Love, as revealed in the plain, yet mostly unrecognized, teachings of the Gospel records, and in the inspired original languages in which they were written.

In a spiritual arena all their own, however, Mack's writings defy classification -- falling neither solely into the confines of historic Christianity, religious orthodoxy, metaphysics, mysticism, or New Thought. Interestingly enough, a thorough, careful, and unbiased examination of Jesus' life and teachings reveal a 'profile' totally consistent with the above characterizations. Mack prefers, however, to simply view them as:

                                Pristine, first century, Illumined, New Testament -- Christ Truth!

Told by Spirit as a small child, through Inner Knowing, that he would one day teach people the Deep Truths about God, he was led to begin writing at the start of the new millennium, symbolic of New Teaching being given to mankind at a crucial period in mankind's pilgrimage on earth. May the inherent beauty of the words given him, open your heart to Truths Sublime!

Ideal for reflective, meditative, and inspirational purposes, his writings provide vitally interesting, rich spiritual nourishment, and facilitate a renewed sense of wonder towards, and closeness to, our Creator! And they are always hopeful, optimistic, God-Glorifying and Christ-Exalting!

I trust you, friend, will find them so, too!
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