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When the author was 3 years of age, standing alone in a backyard on a mid-summer's day, he received a Message. As he looked up and gazed into the sunlit sky, a feeling of transcendent Glory, Purpose, and Power enveloped him; and as he looked around, he beheld all things infused with life, purpose, and immortality, and an inner knowledge was conveyed to him regarding the profound meaning of the world and human life. It was brief, perhaps, only a few seconds, but that was all the time required.

            The Message came not in words for no voice was heard, but rather in 'Inner Knowing'.

And, further, Mack was 'told' there was 'a great reason for your having been born, and it will be revealed to you in your lifetime.' It was not until after many years had transpired that Mack began to realize this revelation may well be a long-time coming. Yet, he never gave up hope that it would come. He often thought of it as, 'The Unforgotten Message'. He told no one of this occurrence for many years, yet it was indelibly imprinted in his heart.

When Mack entered the eve of his 49th year on earth, the purpose for his having been born was, as promised, revealed to him. And, he was, also, at that very time, given the power to make it so. Again, it came not in words, but as before, with an 'Inner Knowing' of unmistakable clarity, conviction, and power. He had found his purpose! And it was to write for the upliftment of mankind, by sharing and conveying to them the wondrous insights afforded him throughout his life.

                                           Mack does not believe, nor claim for one moment,
                                            that what happened to him somehow makes him
                                                         special or different from any other.

Quite the contrary, Mack realizes that countless thousands of his fellow human beings have had similar childhood or early life experiences, if not all. Often, however, these experiences are regarded as childhood fantasies, events that never actually took place. And viewed as such, are frequently given little further notice, and are subsequently forgotten. Often beyond recall.

But, these events are real. And they are given to us usually at early stages of our lives, so that once we have been properly prepared in the Great School of Life, we will remember, if only subconsciously, and recognize our life calling when it presents itself. The initial promises, given too, serve to fortify us for the inevitable trials and struggles we must confront and surmount if we are to fulfill the purpose for which we were born.

May Mack's writings serve to awaken within you the knowledge of your life's purpose, and to kindle the desire to find it, and live it! For it is only in living it, that the Peace, and the Power, and the Happiness you seek can be fully realized.

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