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                                                               Blue Sky Did Flee and a Void Became
                                                              The Soldiers Lit Torches But All In Vain,
                                                          Unearthly Glow on Their Spears Did Dance,
                                                    A Saviour Hung Dying, Mankind -- Would Advance!

Noon had come, and with it the most eerie blackness settled over the land. Where sunlit sky had just moments before been, a darkness descended. Golgotha! The place of the skull, was enveloped by it! The birds abruptly hushed their singing, and even the air became mysteriously still. Some thought it to be storm clouds, BUT! There was no storm, no wind, no thunderings -- nor even rain! As the Gospel authors unanimously attest! No doubt, the commander of the guard ordered torches be lit to ensure better visibility, but vainly so, attempting to alleviate the near-terror they felt! What possibly could be happening? Some suspected. Yet, one centurion knew when he boldly declared, 'Truly, this man WAS the SON of God!' Mankind would go on, precious time had been bought, due to His Sacrifice! Love to rule -- one day!

                                                                         Unbarred Door of Empty Tomb,
                                                                        Barren Slate of Stone, What LIFE
                                                                    Did Rise From Thee That Day, When
                                                                            God Did Claim -- His Own!

The Event of the Resurrection! The barren slate of stone, meant to be a death slab, for the Dearest and Best, became a birth dais (or platform) from which Life Everlasting arose! The emptiness of the tomb was filled with Fullness of the Resurrection 'Flame' or energy, while the bolder meant to bar, was itself banned from ever obstructing the Light -- evermore! But few know, more than Jesus alone arose That Day! A world of men and women arose, as they were enshrined in the heart of our Lord! Their loving memory, the Divine Image, of those both past, then-present, and future, was now raised up with Him in prefigurement of their actual rebirth! All mankind rose That Day, in the Father's mind, now assured by the Heart of the Son! What Joy He knew! -- And unprecedented Rapture! -- as will you!

                                                                        In Him Was Life, God-Life Supreme
                                                                Far Beyond Man's Wildest Dream, He Came
                                                                To Give Himself So All Men Might Know, The
                                                                    Depths The Father's Love -- Would Go!

What, beloved, WAS this Life that John proclaimed as coming into the world? In the person of Jesus? It was the Fullness of the Life of God made manifest in Man! Eternal Life! Divine Life! Unconquerable Life! Expressed as Unimagined Love! Yet, deep as was the descent of our Lord from Heaven to earth, deeper still are the depths of the human soul fashioned in the Image of God! The Lord did then, is now, and will plumb the depths of men's minds, then their hearts, and thereafter their souls and spirits! To the Innermost Reaches of man's Being the Father's Love dare go. Its Lofty aim? No depth of depravity could turn away a Love that awakens, convicts, and heals those lost to themselves, but never to God! What yet remains? Only the Fullness of Time when every depth will have been plumbed, and then -- every Soul reborn!

                                                                            On Starlit Nights, In Olive Groves
                                                                        His Heartfelt, Earnest Prayers Arose,
                                                                    On Mountain Crest, By Shimmering Sea
                                                                    He Prayed His Prayers of Love -- For Me!

Some say we cannot know what Jesus spoke when He entered into 'solitary places' to pray. We are told He 'departed into mountains' and 'withdrew Himself into the wilderness' -- sometimes continuing 'all night in prayer to God.' Yet, undoubtedly, in the depths of His Infinite Spirit, He called out each follower's, individual, personal name -- your name, beloved! -- who would yet be born! Recall in His longest recorded prayer He said, 'Neither pray I for these [His then-present disciples, alone, but for those also which SHALL [in the future] believe on Me.' Here is proof positive that Jesus prayed for you, and me, while He was still on earth! His Love, knowing no bounds, reached out to you even across the centuries, to bless you, empower you, inspire you, and protect you, and to -- set you free!

                                                                       The Words Voiced Stunned Them
                                                                    None Were Expected! Nor Dreamed!
                                                                   The Most Startling Words Ever Spoken
                                                                By The Most Wondrous Man -- Ever seen!

Nothing could have prepared those people for what they were about to hear. No precedent existed. It was contrary to all human, and even previously-thought, divine wisdom. Yet, when those words flowed from His mouth, all hearts were stopped in rapt attention, amazement and surprise! Little wonder, tho, they are seldom heard today, even in religious circles, as the fallen human heart can scarcely comprehend their meaning, nor identify with what is asked of it! What were those nearly unbelievable, most startling words? Listen, now, anew!  'Love your enemies. Do good to them who hate you. Bless them that curse you, and Pray for them who dispitefully use you.' Who dare think, much less do such a thing? Yet, Christ did. And He asks those who bear His name to do -- no less!

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