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Do you know for certain, dear friend, what Faith actually is? Many believe they know, yet there is little evidence of it in their lives. They greatly desire Faith, long for Faith, even pray earnestly for Faith. Yet it seems to elude them. How can this be? Why do so few find it? Part of the reason is people mistake mental assent, or intellectual agreement, alone, for Faith. Because true Faith is so much more, they never come to understand its real meaning and the Way to unleash its Power in their lives! Is it any wonder, the cry of the Ages has been, 'I believe, help Thou -- my unbelief!' Within the writings of the author IS help to answer this plea! You will come to know the Author of Authentic Faith. The mist-shrouded veil over Faith will be lifted, standing forth in bright light of Day for you to see -- and partake of! For with Dynamic, Creative, Living Faith, unshakable Belief is yours! -- and a Visionary Experience of God, as you live a Life -- Triumphant!

Yes! There IS new light on Faith! These messages were born of a yearning to share that new light, with those whom the Spirit would call. The author, like so many others, has sought the Secret of Faith all his life -- Knowing there must be one, as so few people appeared to possess it! Through much prayer, thoughtful study, and intense desire, over the course of many years, the Secret was yielded up to his understanding for the benefit of mankind. For it is in this Day and this Age that an accurate, thorough, and clear understanding of Faith is needed -- moreso than ever before in the history of the world. The Heart-Cry of Humanity is for True Faith, and will remain so until Faith becomes a Living Reality in every Soul!

In the author's writings, you will find fresh perspectives on Faith's true meaning. You will discover the Way to acquire, cultivate, and utilize It for furthering the purposes of the Kingdom of God, which of course, includes profound benefits to you and those you love! You will encounter new interpretations given the author, regarding familiar and beloved scriptural accounts and teachings, perhaps never understood in this light before. And original word portraits describing tin elegant, readily understandable fashion, the freeing Power to be found in your daily life occurrences -- when True Faith is present! In short, an entire kaleidoscopic viewing of the world of Faith to which you -- can belong!

Learn, too, of the Author of Faith, and come to understand how it is that His Faith, even today, is the determining factor in healings, deliverance from fear, protection from harm, and the establishment of Inner Peace! -- Not your own Faith! Though your personal faith has a vital part to play! Then, begin to realize Faith actually constitutes True Spiritual Vision, and enables you to witness miracles -- even 'before' they occur! Faith will sustain you, and afford you a Mastery of Life! But first you must learn of Her, invite Her into your life, court her as a devoted suitor! Make the attainment of True Faith a central priority in your life. Once you have made this commitment, the Secret of Faith will not long, be secret -- to you!

                                 EXCERPTS from the Author's new book:  THE FAITH PROVIDER

                                                          A Wonderful Discovery, I Make Today,
                                                                             Faith IS the Key
                                                                 -- to the Truth, Life, and Way!

Once you, my friend, are fully persuaded, completely convinced, that Faith will speedily unlock formerly closed doors in your mind to Life's True Riches, you will embrace Faith as the Master Key to all that your heart desires. For True Faith is saying to God, 'I love you so much, I will never doubt your word again, your intentions toward me, or your unchanging Will that I be Happy, Joyous, and Free' -- right here, now, today! When you're able to say this, fully mean it, you will become more aware of beautiful reasons all about you for rejoicing, laughing, loving. The Way will then open up offerings to you -- Its Truth and Life!

                                                      So Convinced, I AM, I Never More Deny,
                                                               Faith Assures Me Every Hour,
                                                                 Life's Every Need -- Supply!

Do your words, my friend, ever deny this Absolute Truth -- God shall supply your every need? Often, our words do. The world's premiere witness to the Christed One, gave us these priceless words: 'My God shall supply your every need according to His Riches in Glory in Christ Jesus!' Yet, we doubt what was True then -- can be True now! How do we make it REAL? Start by vigilantly watching your words. Never voice words of lack or scarcity. Rather, if a genuine need arises, declare 'I Know Thou Art With Me, Life's Every Need Supply!' Hold fast this Truth. Faith will summon it -- nullifying appearance of lack!

                                                               I Go to the Faith-Filled One
                                                                 Who Imparts Living Faith
                                                                          -- to My Heart!

Creative, Life-Empowering, Joyous Faith! That, my friend, is what you want and need. That is what makes living worthwhile! Without it, you will be dominated by defeat, disappointment, and despair. True Faith, my friend, is essential if you are to live a life victorious! Ask the Heart of Life to give you a vibrant, natural, living Faith! Request He provide you with a Faith strong enough to meet every single challenge you'll ever confront. He will then give you a measure of His very own Perfect Faith, which never failed Him! That same Faith, being Alive, will grow in you, blossom, and never fail you -- in return!

                                                                        I Open my Spirit
                                                                   to Receive God's Faith
                                                            -- I Have No Need of My Own!

Every person needs an 'unshakable belief in God'. Yet, many wonder, 'Is this possible?' How can we, fallible, wavering human beings ever attain unto such certainty? True, living faith is a gift from God above. You cannot 'work it up' in yourself. In fact, the Faith that 'saves' us from our own tortuous doubts and disabling fears in 'The Faith OF Christ', freely given to those who sincerely ask for it! That Faith, my friend, WAS perfect! -- And obtained results! Your faith has its place, and God will grant you Faith in your Faith! But, seek not to magnify your faith. Seek to manifest His Faith -- on Earth!

                                                               In the Depths of My Being
                                                             Springs a Cascading Flow,
                                                     The Fountain of Faith! -- Here Below!

Tell me, my friend, have you sought the Light of Faith within, and found only the darkness of doubt? Do you feel that true Faith is something that only specially-blessed people possess? As an ordinary person, what degree of faith can you possibly hope to attain? When you begin to trust the Light, meaning -- to act upon Its Words, you are assured that 'out of your Innermost Being shall gush torrents of Living Water'! To the eye, it is an 'unfed' fountain, but its Source is the Heart of God! You are meant to drink deeply of this towering stream of Life. You needn't be content with the mere spray
-- upon your face!
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