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So many people are bereft of Hope. They neither know the Source of Hope, nor the Personification of Hope given unto men. Sadly, many do not even know what Hope really IS! Where and how, then, are they to obtain it? Within messages of the author are found simple, straightforward, clearly presented descriptions and illustrations of Hope. No lengthy discourses, only concise, easy-to-read word portraits depicting Hope's likeness, location, and capabilities. Thankfully, Hope is available to all, yet we have our part to play in Its acquisition and utilization. One of the three great pillars of a successful, triumphant life (Faith, Hope, and Love), it is often the least understood. May you, dear heart, find the Knowledge you seek regarding Hope, and the Inspiration herein to place it into Living Practice! The outcome will be certain: Greater Joy, Peace, and Power -- through True confidence and Abiding Trust in God!

Now consider these thoughts: Should you never encounter distressing or unsettling scenarios, you would never know the extent of the far-reaching Power of God within you! -- or how great is the trustworthiness and reliability of God! But once you do fully realize this, all you will be able to do is PRAISE Him, it will be impossible for you not to praise Him -- and MARVEL at so Great a Loving Providence -- as is ours!

Beloved friend, you needn't remain a Spiritual child, dependent, fearful, helpless, never growing 'unto the measure, and stature, and fullness of Christ' (an Anointed, Blessed State of Being), for you CAN meet your challenges head on, and have your Inner Victorious Nature revealed to you! A Nature created by the bestowal of God's most magnificent blessings upon you -- those of Living Faith, Christ-Consecrated Love, and Bright-Shining Hope. Along with a Quiet Assurance and the Peace of God, which passes ALL understanding of countless people, but no longer you!

So never forget: Every seeming adverse situation holds within it the potentiality of liberating HOPE! And that your God, the God of Hope, and Love, is ever attempting to awaken you to this fact. Recognize the gift, and exercise your inherent, God-given ability to BELIEVE and REST in the Spirit of Life! Then RECEIVE the True Riches -- A growing awareness of the Presence of Love, an ever-increasing Irrepressible Joy, and a steadily-blossoming capacity to Radiate HOPE (steadfast confidence in God!) You ARE Safe and Secure in God, my friend! My prayer is that the insights and truths presented to you will help you become more HOPE-FULL, and thereby, a greater bearer of Hope -- to others!

                                       EXCERPTS from the Author's new book, The Hope Giver!

                                                                      I Remember and Believe
                                                                                  Once Again,
                                                                   -- Love's Whispered Words!

By the Grace of an Unseen, yet All-Loving Providence, four words have been spoken to you in hushed tones. You have caught wisps of them during the night, and fleeting intimations of them during the day. As a child you heard them often -- and understood. These words are being spoken to you now, dear friend, can you hear them? With tenderest of care, and softest tone, they are repeated unceasingly to your heart -- to assure you of your importance, worth, and beauty! They are: 'I AM -- with you!'

                                                                                I Thrill to Accept
                                                                               A Glorious Truth
                                                                 -- I AM Precious in Love's Sight!

Once, Love deliberately made an understatement designed to elicit a resultant question. Yet, how few have asked that question! Love declared, with a twinkle in His eye, 'You are worth more than many birds'. A child, a holy innocent, would have naturally asked: 'How many birds?' And though we've no recorded answer, we can KNOW what Love had in mind -- 'Infinitely more birds! -- more than untold numbers of galaxies!' You, my friend, are irreplaceably Precious. Having said 'more than' -- Love said it all!

                                                                                Trust Will Bring
                                                                           Bright-Shining Hope
                                                                                 -- to My Heart!

Did you know, my friend, that Hope is not just wishful thinking? Not merely a wistful desire that entertains doubts and fears? -- Something weak, timid, or afraid? Oh, no! True Hope is Powerful! Confident! Reassured! Unyielding! Immovable! And such Hope can only be born of Trust. Without authentic Trust in God, Hope will not be in evidence -- not grow, will not flood your being with Its Light! For this is its function! -- So, learn to first trust your Creator, and Hope will be a natural consequence.

                                                                         My Life Blossoms Forth
                                                                                as Love Drives
                                                                            the Shadows Away!

Your sunniest day, sweet friend, will be the day you realize the Power of Love to transform your life! Many do not know the shadows that weigh us down most are found in our minds, not our world! These dark shafts must be dispersed by Light Above! Ask the Heart of Life, your Creator, to take all your unloving, dissatisfied, unhappy, critical, or fearful thoughts and flood them with the Light of Love's True Vision! You'll see differently and shadows will retreat not only within you -- but soon, all about you, as well!

                                                                       My Creator Speaks Directly
                                                                                 to Me Each Day
                                                                   -- I Have the Guidance I Need!

You can know God speaks to you! Not sometimes, not just at special times, but at all times! Every day, even every hour! Yet, how is it so few hear? Why do so many think God's Voice is impotent, or silent? The object of God's Love, my friend, you, can never be divorced from the communication of that Love -- meaning 'speech', dialogue! Yet, this most often takes form in mental impressions or heart feelings. Take careful note of both. Before long, you will recognize God's Voice -- and decipher His Words!
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