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Herein is a Heart-envisionment of Life's most beautiful possession -- Love! And Heart is the correct term, here, because the Mind is incapable of grasping the Fullness of Love -- only the Heart can. Written out of intense desire and compassionate longing to share vitally needed knowledge with all whom are ready to receive it, Love will be shown to be of such Beauty, Power, Majesty, and Mystery, as to be worthy of your unceasing attention and devotion! And in return, Love will turn your world around, confer upon you a sense of continual Freedom, heal your Life, and exalt your Soul! Love foretells the Coming of a New World, yet It offers you entrance into It -- now! Notice, too, the Love spoken of here is one 'Bestowed'. A special Gift with special qualities unknown to the world!

Who, beloved, has not yearned for a greater experience of Love! Man intuitively knows Love IS the greatest Treasure. Yet, how you envision Love, is how you will experience It. What authentic Love truly IS can be clearly portrayed. Nothing is more precious in Life than to possess a wholly accurate understanding of Love, and to be a beneficiary of Its Offerings! For without True Love, Life is empty and devoid of meaning. But, with True Love, Life is Glorious and Divine! An Adventure, A Wondrous Sharing! A Union of the utmost Fulfillment! Genuine Romance, not the kind the world knows, is here, too. It is not confined, however, exclusively to a male/female relationship, but embraces a far greater dimension of Life, wherein you can live a Life of Romance, every day, till the time a deeply personal Love enters your Life, should you so desire!

Come with the author, then, and learn the Great First Law of Life, and how It operates. And most importantly, discover anew earth's Greatest Teacher and Exemplar of Love, Who in Truth, was, the embodiment of Love, on Earth! Hear again His words as though never heard before, as you listen with your Soul and garner new understanding. What you will find is that Love is far Grander than you have ever imagined. And It can with all certainty -- be yours! Love alone possesses the alchemy to transform your life from one of drabness and purposelessness into one of Captivating Interest and Tremendous Meaning. For Love truly IS, the Greatest Miracle! Your contact with Love -- the Greatest Love, the Truest Love, the Invincible Love, will, I promise you, not leave you -- unchanged!

                                        EXCERPTS of the Author's new book, The Love Bestower!

                                                                                 I Open My Mind
                                                                               to Accept the Truth
                                                                            -- Love Alone Matters

In a world filled with conflicting ideas as to what is important, worthy of your time and attention, your life energies, you need not be confused. Fame, fortune, status, are all passing things. Here today, gone tomorrow! They bring momentary satisfaction, though never a memory of lasting fulfillment. But even so much as the mere touch of the Hand of Love, pales these into insignificance and reveals to an enlightened mind, the eternal merit of a gesture deemed by the world as valueless. For you, my friend, can go through an entire day forgetting all else save a single act of kindness. Remembered always --- by Love!

                                                                                  I Open My Heart
                                                                                to Receive a Love
                                                                      that Transcends -- the World!

There is a Love, my friend, that surpasses anything the world has to offer. A Love, which when obtained, will bring a sense of Freedom to your life such as you had never thought possible! This is not an idle dream, but a Living Reality you are meant to know! -- The Love your heart was meant to 'cradle' and nurture is available to you this very moment. It is not far from you, nor has It ever been. In fact, there is no distance between you -- and It! But, you must first believe in It, desire It, earnestly seek It, and pray to receive It! The first Law of Life is to Love with your All -- to receive this -- from the ALL!

                                                                                The First Person
                                                                         to Ever Truly Love, Chose
                                                                    -- and was Chosen -- to Love!

You can be oh! so grateful, my friend, that you were chosen by Life to Love! In fact, you were predestined to Love! This assures you, guarantees you, the happenings in your life will beneficially 'conspire against you' causing you to recognize Love's Primacy and, at some point, you will make the momentous decision to claim Love as your sole reason for being! And this you will do of your own free will! He Who first loved the totality of the world, was chosen to do so, like you, before he was born. He did not fail to be the Fullness of Love, for He was THE Chosen One, as will you -- a Chosen One -- Be!

                                                                         A Love Whole and Entire
                                                                       Pursues Me, Without Rest
                                                                              -- Till I AM Its Own!

The Love most people experience, my friend, though at times quite beautiful, and sincere, is partial, limited, lacking in wholeness, often self-centered, and capable of failing the one loved, and the one loving. Given this, you might sincerely wonder, 'Dwells there a Love a human being can be host to that never fails?' Thankfully, Yes! There is! And the reason It cannot fail is because It wields All-Power in the Universe! If you have ever asked this question, it is because 'Such Love' is patiently speaking to your Soul in repeated efforts to awaken you to Its Completeness and Power, destined to be -- your own!

                                                                    Though the Features of Love
                                                                                   A Mystery Be,
                                                                 His Beautiful Face -- Is All I See!

No one ever described the facial features of the Lord of Love. His words and actions were meticulously recorded for posterity, but the bearing of His jaw was never cited, nor the color of His eyes, shape of His nose, or even length of His hair. Those individuals who knew precisely what He looked like, thought is unworthy of mention. Why? Truth is, His features could have been esthetically unappealing. Yet, His face was the most beautiful the world had ever seen! -- Of such Compassion, Acceptance, Goodness, people flocked to see Him! 'Judge not by outward appearance.' Yet, His Beauty -- transforms us still!

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