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Within you, dear friend, resides the Arbiter of Truth, the divine Holy Spirit -- the sole and Final Authority for your life! (I John 2:27)  And there will surely come a time, as this scripture says, when 'YE need not that ANY man teach you, as the same anointing teacheth you [the Truthfulness or falsity] of all things.' Therefore, accept ideas from no one, no matter how learned, or credentialed, or lauded by society -- or seemingly wise or humble or unrecognized as yet -- unless such ideas Ring True to your Inner Being, unless those ideas register an Inner Validation in your Soul, unless you can say with absolute and firm conviction, 'This I KNOW -- to be True!'

If this confirmation does not occur, and you are uncertain as to ANY religious or spiritual idea's or doctrine's validity, simply 'suspend' or defer judgment -- until such time as the Heart of Life sees fit to disclose the full Truth to you. This way, you remain safe, genuine, and open to recognizing The Truth when it comes. And you may rest assured, the Truth,on any subject , WILL come precisely when you are meant to know it -- and have been prepared by Life to understand it. This we are promised by our Saviour. (John 16:13)

So, bearing these two fundamental biblical concepts prominently in mind, view material presented from ANY religious source, including this website, or within the books and essays offered herein, for precisely what they are: a sincere attempt to point the Way, offer Insights, and suggest Guidance as you move toward a Life of Greater Fulfillment and Personal Victory over all that 'diminishes' you in your life -- which Victory you WILL find, as you turn more and more often -- to your Infallible Source of Truth -- the Great and Ever-Faithful Spirit of God -- Within!
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