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These Untold Mysteries!  (Of the Forgotten Cross!)

Long ago, in a far distant land, an event transpired one chilly April morning that few people understand, and even fewer seldom recall to ponder. Yet, should more do so, what they might discover would astound them! For there is far more to The Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth than is popularly taught. The ultimate outcome of so great a Sacrifice, and so profound a Love, has eluded the most brilliant minds, but need not you. A verse reads, 'All men will come unto Me in due time, but theirs is the agony of awaiting.' May this book serve to hasten your joyful, grateful going -- to Him!

The Hidden Glories!  (Of Our Lord's Resurrection!)

This book may well be unlike any you have ever read, as it reveals Truths few can scarcely imagine -- so Wonderful are they in their full meaning and ultimate implications! The Resurrection of Jesus the Christ portends far more than is traditionally taught. For not only did He die for all men, He arose FOR all men! Something was effected back then at that first Easter dawn that has escaped even the understanding of the Christian world. But, it is nothing less than the Fullness of the 'Glorious News' Jesus proclaimed! May you, dear reader, be granted the Vision to see!

A Saviour Beyond!  (Your Fondest Dreams!)

This book is the result of one man's heartfelt and lifelong efforts to probe the heights and depths of God's Love. Men believe they comprehend what Divine Love actually IS -- Its true nature and capabilities -- yet they are mistaken. God's Love is Beyond anything the world, as a whole, has ever dreamed! So GREAT is this Love, It is far more wonderful than men have dared to imagine. The Gentle Galilean taught Mercy, Forgiveness, and Compassion, above all, and one day the outcome of His commitment to these Virtues will astonish -- and redeem, a world!

The Unknown Lord of Life!  (His Seldom Taught Truths!)

The Truth Shall Set You Free! Free to enjoy Life and live it -- to the Full! And Jesus Christ, being That Truth, can do just that, but only if you first know Him! -- Have an accurate understanding of the major incidents of His Life, a correct knowledge of His innermost Intentions toward men, and inspired insight into the centrality of His Mission and Role in God's Plan. Regrettably, religious tradition and orthodoxy have obscured or distorted all these. Here, though, by God's Grace, are refreshing, heart-relieving, and logical explanations that exalt the Saviour and reveal Him and His Truth -- in Its Pristine Light -- to the world!

Those Wondrous Words!  (The Most Wonderful Ever Spoken!)

This book was born of a sincere prayer and heartfelt desire to impart to men the often unrealized significance of The Most Wonderful Words ever bequeathed unto men! Sadly, few even recognize them as such. But, for those who do, the mere thought of them fills one with wonder, appreciation, and joy! As the gentle Galilean Himself said, 'The words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, and they ARE Life.' May you, dear reader, find as never before, their amazingly True Reality and comprehend with new insight the Wonder of these Precious, Divine Words!

A Healing Mercy Rose!  (Love's Beauty Come to Restore!)

Tell me, my friend, is there a need for healing in your life? Have you sought remedy for your impaired health only to find disappointment, and to see your faith falter and wane? Do you no longer anticipate being well again, as you feel this is a forlorn hope? Let me encourage you, then, to believe anew that 'All things [truly] are possible', still, for you! No matter how long you have been ill, you can begin to experience healing where it is most needed, first, in your mind and heart! Jesus of Nazareth is still very much in the business of restoring health! And the new concepts and insights in this book may be precisely what you need to believe again!

A Poet's Revelations!  (On God's Undreamt of Love!)

The Saviour's names reveal His many-Splendored attributes -- such as Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Not to mention, The Good Shepherd. And so, during times of deep meditation and prayer, the author was graciously given another name, whereby a further glorious aspect of His Deity is also made known -- The Mercy Rose! Rooted in Solomon's appellation, 'The Rose of Sharon', and Christ's declaration that He would 'have Mercy and not sacrifice' (of any kind), the Rose Image was also shown to have no thorns! May its meaning amaze you, and challenge you, to ponder God's -- Undreamt of Love -- Anew!

The Birth of Love!  (When God Came to Earth!)

This book is not only about the celebrated Nativity event, so revered and honored, loved and cherished, but also about you, and the precious children you love! What the entrance of Love into the world really portended few people have grasped, as so few people have been taught its deeper meaning. Jesus' birth was the foretelling, the initial outpicturing, of something so wonderful as to be thought a 'fairy tale', yet nothing could be further from the Truth! Come with the author and learn of a Love that transfixes us with Its wholly unsuspected Depth and Far-Reaching Heavenly Design. It all began in a lowly stable, but where it ultimately ends -- will Astound you!

Till True Love Comes!  (To Set Free Your Heart!)

What, my precious friend, is your heart's deepest longing? Is it not the finding of True Love? You intuitively know that Love is Life's greatest treasure. For with the Presence of such Love, Life becomes a glorious adventure, a wondrous sharing, a union of the utmost fulfillment! Genuine Romance is your birthright and destiny, ordained by God Who loves you so. But, to hasten Its arrival, you must first begin to live daily a greater Life of Faith, hope, and expectancy, until the time a deeply personal and wholly-mature Love enters your world! Your live will take on an enchanted quality, and even before will do so, in anticipation of True Love, as promised by the Heart of Life, becoming your very special own!

Take Heart Beloved!  (Hope to Give Courage and Heal!)

We are told, through the Power of the Gentle Galilean, we can live a Life of Victory and experience the Joy of a Calm Spirit, in spite of our circumstances, each and every day. How often, however, are we given a more complete explanation, the full reason how and why this is truly so? Genuine, living Trust CAN be obtained, exercised, and proven to be practical and event-altering in facing the ongoing challenges of life. By immersing one's self in Truths little realized or taught of God's Power to uplift our hearts, we can receive His liberating viewpoint -- and become free!

The Ultimate of Visions!  (A World Given Back to Love!)

Can you imagine, dear friend, a world wherein not a single, solitary soul has within him any desire to hurt, to insist upon her own way, or to take from others what legitimately belongs to them? Can you envision a time when the Loving Power of Right will always be exercised and exhibited over the fearful Force of Might? Such a world is coming! And the wonderful news is you don't have to wait for it to arrive to partake of its life-giving benefits and wonders!

An Abundance to Share!  (God's Will For Our Prosperity!)

The Apostle of Love said, 'I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper, and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.' Certainly, spiritual riches are the central focus, here. But, can we know that this verse, and similar ones, speak to our monetary status, as well? Learn Truths to change your whole view on monetary supply.

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        God's Dream  (A Cosmic Wave Overtaking the World!)
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