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When Love Comes For You!

What exalted thoughts are called to one's mind! What thrilling feelings arise in one's heart! -- The arrival of Love Divine! Who hasn't dreamed of finding an Unfailing Love, a Perfect Love, an All-Understanding Love? People intuitively sense this Greater Love alone can make their lives whole and free, yet many become disillusioned in Life for not having found so great a Love. But, YOU need not despair! True Love IS coming for you, and It comes for one purpose -- to fulfill your deepest needs, to heal your every wound, and to embrace you, and make you -- Its Own! It comes to permeate your Soul with Peace! It comes to flood your being with Virtue and Power to live a Life Victorious! You see, dear friend, YOU have a date with destiny -- a rendezvous ordained since before you were born! Love comes to you bearing priceless Gifts the world cannot offer, but which you will, one day, receive! The following messages will be Its Entrance point for many, perhaps you! And then, the Radiant Life you were meant to live -- will at long last -- be your very own!

The Gift of Love

Love! Who can define It? Who can describe the wonders and beauties hidden in this word? Its depth is inexhaustible! Why is it, then, that Love has proven so unsatisfying to so many? Why has It not delivered -- as promised? Could it be because it was not genuine Love, from the start? A Divine Messenger came into this world two millennia ago, and brought a singular, unwavering message -- 'Love Ye One Another'! And then He proceeded to unmistakably identify through demonstration, what Love truly IS, where to obtain It, how to actually Become It! The 'Love' humanity is heir to, in contrast, though sincere, and quite beautiful, if not transformed, will ultimately fail. Yet, there is a fresh, bold view of the Reality of True Love, not the fantasy of most people's imagination. Its Mysteries are there to be delved into. And once found, It will bring you all the Desires of your Heart! And in the process, you will discover your sole Purpose on Earth! -- To live a Life Divine! Victorious! and completely, Joyously -- Fulfilled, and Free!

                             EXCERPTS from the Author's new book, When Love Comes For You!

                                                                    Your Desire for True Love
                                                                  I Will Not Deny, Your Darling
                                                          Will Surely Come, Softly -- By and By!

Gentle-hearted friend, I want you to KNOW something with all the certainty of your being! You must never doubt it! For to do so is to bring unnecessary pain upon yourself. He Who is orchestrating, and will bring to fruition, the Divine Romance of the Mighty Cosmos, will do no less for you, His beloved child, in the equally important Cosmos -- of your life! Your Creator has clearly said, 'I WILL give you the Desire of your Heart!' The Master added, 'What things soever ye desire, believe ye [have received] them, and ye shall have them.' Thank God daily He has given a Love to you! Then, watch -- as a Dream comes True!

                                                          Oh! The Sweet Refrain I Most Adore!
                                                                 'I Give to You, You Give to Me,
                                                                      True Love -- Ever More!'

Beloved friend, you whose heart yearns for your true counterpart to appear! The other half of your Soul! Hear, now, this vital message I share! Though you have lived the first half of a century, or you are in your sixties or seventies, True Love can still be yours! Is surely meant to be yours, if a genuine irrepressible desire lives in your heart! Many believe Romantic Love is intended only for the young. Untrue! The Height of Romance, Spiritually mature Love, is the most wondrously affectionate, enticingly exciting as imaginable. Passion of Spirit! So, sing Love's song till Love True arrives, with promise -- in his eyes!

                                                                       I Walk the Path of Love,
                                                               Every Day I Find, Blessings for
                                                     My Heart, Sweet Memories -- for My Mind!

Did you know, my valued friend, the first Law of the Universe has always been the same -- To Give Love! And, do not concern yourself with whether it e returned. If it is, wonderful! But, if not, it will be multiplied -- within you, instead! Either way, you are blessed! But, you must choose The Path of Love each day. Determine in yourself not to take offense, not to take things personally, not to respond negatively to any provocation. When you do, you'll find your capacity to Love growing, and far more pleasant memories resulting. Continue to Walk! Love's Path leads to a World of Love whose second Law is -- to Receive!

                                                                          Love Is at the Door
                                                                 Knocking Gently Once Again,
                                                                         Shall I -- Let Him In!

Do you, dear friend, believe Love, like opportunity is said to be, knocks only once -- or perhaps twice! -- but rarely ever more frequently? If you do, you not only keep the door closed, but you bar it with chains and bolt locks, thinking you're enhancing your safety from the many other non-Love bearers! A True Heart-Love of your own may well be continuously knocking, seeking entrance to your world. But, you've already judged that person to be of no romantic interest. View not each knock as possibility of receiving Love, but certainty of your giving It! Open to friendship first -- Love's been known -- to follow!

                                                           Proclaiming Love's Old, Sweet Story
                                                                  I Witness, Holy One, to Thine
                                                                         -- Imperishable Glory!

Time passes, the present becomes the past. The new becomes old. Yet, the Greatest Story Ever Told is greatest still! It touches and moves the human heart moreso than any ballad, opera, play, philosophy, or book written since! Nothing nor any other has even approached it for its Life-Transforming Power. And the unshakable conviction it brings to the aching human heart. There is an imperishableness about It, about Him; a Truth that can not be denied! Entire empires could not destroy the record of 'the one solitary Life!' Whatever one's view of this Man, He remains the Head of humanity, Its beacon! -- Its Light!

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