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'I have received your booklet  [These Untold Mysteries!].  Thank you ever so much! I have read it twice through now and will read it again many times in the future. Thank you for sharing such beautiful and tremendously meaningful thoughts and words. How blessed they are! How blessed you are!'

Sonia, Arizona

'Once again, you have sent me something  [The Hidden Glories!]  that thrills my heart! Reading about the shattering events at Golgotha sends my mind into deep contemplation. You have seen deeply into truth and wisdom. I have always wondered why the Magdalene did not recognize Jesus at first.

'Rudolf Steiner tells us that the mysteries of Golgotha will evolve with humankind until the human consciousness can grasp the enormity of the Great Event. It seems to me you are gleaning previews and writing reviews -- if you will.'

Sonia, Arizona

'Mack is a gifted author of the most precious spiritual works. His subjects seize your heart with great promise and joy!'

Sonia, Arizona

'I am reading the book  [A Saviour Beyond!]  today, and find it so inspirational! How blessed these messages are. I do hope many people can read these books as the words should resonate for so many souls. Thank you! I will keep these books forever!

'Once again, I appreciate the inspiration I glean from these writings. I carry the little books with me until I've read through several times!'

Sonia, Arizona

'Thank you so very much for the beautiful book!  [The Hidden Glories!]  The book is filled with so many novel ways to ponder Christ's death and resurrection -- such insightful food for thought! And thanks for sending it at the best season  [Easter]  for using it for meditation.

'I am so happy that you are finally able to do the spiritual work that you have been called to do since you were a child. You are using your special gifts to make the world a better place! I know you certainly helped me so very much with your insight! Have a blessed Easter!'

Annie, Maryland

'This is my testimonial to you. Through your words you have personally, first and foremost, brought me closer to our Lord. No one else has ever had that great an impact on me and my relationship with my God. In my whole life, only you have deepened my faith and love of God. I've always had a good relationship with Him, back as far as I can remember, but you have helped me to deepen my faith by your wondrous insight and immense knowledge that I've never received before.

'I have risen to a higher level of understanding of God and Jesus, that even I wasn't getting from my bible or my inspirational readings. But, because of your intense love and indepth relationship with God, you have led me in an upward climb in my understanding and it's wonderful! I never could comprehend a world without God, but now more than ever I truly understand the true reasons behind that comprehension. I owe that to you, and I thank you, but that is never enough as nothing is better than being shown the way to brighten my path to my Lord. You truly are a disciple of Christ!

'You are continuing to help others through your truly uplifting and inspirational writings. Your talent is unsurpassed! I've never read anything that has touched me so very deeply as your work! Your style of writing is so beautiful and divine, yet can be understood by the common man. No one approaches these wondrous topics as you do.

'Your work is desperately needed in this troubled world of ours. It has affected everyone who has read your work. It stirs something different in each of us, it touches the area of our lives that need it the most. That is a very unique feature with your writings! You are definitely one of God's helpers on this earth. Your writings will lift us all up and give us hope for tomorrow, and will bring all closer to our Lord. God has spoken through you and said, 'Mack, Now is the time!' So, continue to go forth and never stop. Our Lord will provide us with many more books by you. Our Lord is speaking to us through you. Your gift is a truly 'divine one.' You must continue to write, as I know you will. Your work must be shared with the world. You are truly the very best!

Barbara, Maryland
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