Mercy Rose Ministries
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The Divine Plan Revealed

The Ultimate Revelation of Life's Purpose,
And God's Certain Destiny for Man!

This book is a wondrous disclosure of the Fullness of the Gospel of Christ (His Mature teachings), which neither Christendom, New Thought, nor New Age adherents (including meta-physicians and mystics), as a whole, are even aware of, much less understand.

It is a ‘laying out’ of the Creator’s Program kept hidden since ‘the foundation of the world’, even from Angelic Beings, save for a witnessing, hopeful few, who were given to suspect Its glorious-beyond-belief aspects, since the dawn of human history. These Final and Profound teachings  of  Christ are pre
sented in the language of everyday God-cherished people, and is not intended to be an exhaustive treatise utilizing theological or technical scholarly terms. Nor does it attempt to address every opposing view or objection. It merely seeks to present God-Truth with accuracy, clarity, conviction, persuasion, and Heart-fortifying, God-glorifying literary expression.

The Truth of the matter is that these teachings are destined to redeem not only the terrestrial globe and its inhabitants of all eras, but also the entirety of
the Cosmos, one day! May you be graced to know this now!




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