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We, here, at Mercy Rose Ministries, want our visitors and friends to be aware of what we consider to be the finest, most spiritual, and inspired Christian vocal music artist in the world today -- Mrs. Marilla Ness.

Marilla is the United Kingdom's No. 1 Christian Vocal Artist whose following in America is steadily growing.

The singularly unique heavenly voice of Marilla, so infused with the very Love of Jesus, has been an unending inspiration to the Author at Mercy Rose Ministries down through the years, and Mack credits her as serving as the channel through which God our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ,  revealed Himself in His Fullness to his heart -- while she was singing that great Christian classic, 'Abide With Me', during a time of great trial and sorrow not too many years ago.

To learn more about Marilla -- her many music CD's, DVD's, and public appearances schedule, click on the following Internet address link:


We believe you will have never heard anything approaching the depth and beauty, spirituality and sincerity of this precious woman's vocal ministry!

Marilla is clearly a gift from God to all of us who reverence the Gentle Carpenter of Galilee!
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